So, what are LayerKits?  LayerKits are the creation of an active imagination.  These are PSP files with multi-layer templates to help even the beginner PSPer do a quick graphic of their own.  I don't call them tutorial as they may teach you how to create a graphic through the use of the LayerKits, but do not teach you from the ground up.  It's more like assembling many parts that have been designed and laid out in order with easy step-guides to walk you through it.  I will post a sample of the end work and then leave you to your own creative genius.  Basically, you will manipulate the layers according to instructions and using some form of flood fill such as PSP's pattern, gradient, textures and paint,  Flaming Pear's Blade Pro or Super Blade Pro and various other plugins and filters.  You will have a 'Trim' layer on which you will add graphics, tubes, dingbats or whatever else you choose to use.

You will unzip the LayerKit psp file to your graphics folder, open the text file and read it or print it out as a walk-thru to start and complete your graphic.  You will read the file; then open the psp file and look over the layers using the layer pallet so you can see the list of layers.  Some layers are invisible when you look at the graphic so as not to be too confusing.  You will then ignore the confusion and simply start follwing the steps in the text file one by one.  In the text file, I will list the layers in the graphic.  Layers are layed out in the order they are supposed to be and I walk through the instructions after creating it to make sure the layers and steps are in order.  You will be switching layers between visable and invisable through the steps to lessen the confusion of what you are seeing.

In my tutorial section, I have a tutorial for making desktop wallpaper calendars.  I'm going to start this section off with LayerKits for virtual Desktop Calendar Wallpaper kits.  The work is done all you have to do is supply the colors, textures and trims you want.

Desktop Wallpaper Calendar LayerKits

Crystal Goblet LayerKit

Apple Worm LayerKit

Marble Room LayerKit