Email Stationery

Download Instructions

If you use Outlook Espress as your email program, you will download a zip file and extract it to the stationery folder.  The path is:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Stationery

If you use Netscape Messager as your email program, you will right-click on the background;  a menu will pop up and you will select 'Save background as', when the save window comes up, set the path to the directory/folder that you keep your email backgrounds in and then click 'OK'.

Other Information

All stationeries are of 1024 width.

Stationeries are for your personal use for email and not to be altered, posted or otherwise used.

Pictures used in the stationery are scans, pictures from my digital camera, downloads from sites where they are posted for download and some are totally my own design.  The stationery was ALL created by me.  In cases of widespread use of copyrighted artworks, I named the stationery by the name of the artist.  I am assuming that no copyrighted materials have been used without getting and giving proper credit.

All textures used in the emails are my own and most are avalable for you use on this site from the 'background tiles' section.

I cannot give you permission to use any of the graphics I have used as they are not all 'mine' and I have no right to give permission for someone to use that which is not mine.  I can at best tell you where I got them, if I remember;   I have had some of them for years.  Please don't ask!

Stationeries are split into two categories, 'scripted' and 'unscripted'.  The script stationeries are for Outlook Express only as Netscape Messager can neither read nor use them;  they might include midi, scrolling, and or ticker text.


1.  Please, PLEASE, PLEASE;  if you see anything on any pages in my site that you think might be a copyright infringement, please email me immediately.  Things offered for free use by others do not generate an income so I sure don't want them generating trouble!

2.  If you have pictures you think would make a good email stationery and you wouldn't mind others using it, email me - if I can create around it, it might end up here as a free download for everyone.

Enjoy the use of the stationery.
Thank you for  reading.