I'll try to make this quick and painless as I hate reading them too.   PLEASE report any broken links so I can fix them;  I'm a perfectionist, but far from perfect.

You may NOT alter my images - if you don't like them the way they are offered, don't download them - make your own.

For personal use means just that - for your own personal site!  Using them is fine - posting them for others to download from your site is NOT!  Make your own.

Linkware means -  if link is requested, provide it.  Link logos are provided and while I don't demand a link back to the site, that is what I post web page sets for free for.

Bandwidth theft - do NOT link to any file on my site;  do NOT pull my images or pages into your site;  do NOT send my pages through the email - just send the link (every time a pages is sent and opened by the receiver, it burns my bandwidth).

Linking to individual pages is okay but if you do, the link will be dead when I change the name of folders or reconstruct the site - or loose it!  If you link to a page other than the index page, include the URL to the domain so folks will know where it is coming from.

If it's not offered for download, do NOT download!  If it's for download, you will see 'How to' instructions somewhere!  DO NOT download the Paula Vaughn globes, from my personal site, from the Art Gallery

I do not sell the images, sets or other creations from this site because these have been download by others - for un-distributed sets, go to GreenWinds.

I do maintain web pages sets for sale to other WebMasters who don't like to design;  I do offer WebMistressing services.

My services are for hire - hit the 'Services' link on the index page - 'service' prices are a guideline but are negotiable in some cases;  there are web page sets for sale there - you buy it, it's yours and none of my business how you use it!

When I first came to the internet, like so many others, I never gave a thought to intellectual copyright;  now I know better!  There may still be a few images stashed in the old stuff that violates copyright law - if you spot one, PLEASE email me so I can check it.  Even if you just THINK it's one, I'd appreciate being notified  E-Me    thank you.

My work may NOT be included in

ANY collections, ANYwhere for ANY reason, on ANY type of media including but not restricted to CDs or DVDs other than those created by me.
I support the copyright endeavors of all graphic designers represented by the following.

I was once in a email list where a woman was spouting off about someone using her work without her permission;  I went to her site to see what the tirade was all about.  Right there on her index page where she offered her most ethical services and ORIGINAL work was an image I'd created;  the text had been removed, the image had been altered - I downloaded the image and used an overlay method against my original - every line, every swirl lined up perfectly where she hadn't altered it.  I had the proof but I never said a word to her,  I did tell others though and WE know - she isn't the ethical person she professes herself to be.  She didn't even do a GOOD job of altering it!  Some people think the internet is so big that no one will ever know - but it's not that big after all.

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